What Exactly is Stealth Dicing™ Process?

Stealth Dicing™ Process is an innovative, high-quality dicing technology that uses a laser to cut a semiconductor wafer into small pieces by internal processing.

In semiconductor fabrication, there is a trend to use large wafers, yet the wafer itself is extremely thin. The dicing process involves issues such as how many chips can be cut out from one sheet of wafer or how to cut out chips of sophisticated integrated circuits without causing defects. So the dicing process must work under conditions that become ever tougher as the final chip product becomes smaller and smaller with more advance functions. Stealth Dicing™ Process is a technology absolutely essential for meeting these harsh conditions. This is one part of the overall flow in the semiconductor fabrication process where a change in the dicing step can exert drastic effects on the entire process. However, the needs of the times call for tiny, high-performance semiconductor devices as the final semiconductor products which must use thin wafers. It is no exaggeration to say market needs are what pushed Stealth Dicing™ Process to its current place in semiconductor manufacturing field.



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