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SD Alliance Partners

Our business associates, “SD Alliance Partners”, are system integrators that have been granted comprehensive licensing on the patent portfolio for our Stealth Dicing™ technology.

Our patent portfolio consists of a total of some 500 patent cases, including approximately 60 Japanese patents, 20 US patents, 20 Korean patents, 15 Taiwanese patents and 35 Chinese patents, as well as inventions relating to the Stealth Dicing™ technology that are patent pending in a number of countries. We have comprehensively licensed this patent portfolio to a plurality of SD Alliance Partners, in the form of OEM supplies for stealth dicing engines. This license includes the manufacturing processes for semiconductor products, LEDs and other devices.

We recommend using the laser dicing equipment produced by an SD Alliance Partner as listed below (Sept. 2017) on this Web page for the manufacturing of semiconductor products, LEDs and other devices employing the Stealth Dicing™ technology. Implementing a manufacturing process that falls within the scope of any one of the rights included in our patent portfolio by using laser dicing equipment produced by a Non-Licensee System Integrator (a system integrator other than one of our SD Alliance Partners) will constitute patent infringement, which is considered an illegal act.

Please bear in mind that a laser dicing equipment produced by a Non-Licensee System Integrator induces illegal acts by the end user in using said laser dicing equipment. Please contact us if you are not sure whether a manufacturer of laser dicing equipment has been granted the comprehensive license of our patent portfolio. With respect to the Stealth Dicing™ technology, our license agreements with SD Alliance Partners are in a non-exclusive form.

The partnership relationship with TOKYO SEIMITSU CO., LTD. has ended on September 18, 2017.

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